BeeTv Apk Download, BeeTv for android, iOS and FireStick

Hey beautiful people! hope you all are doing well. Are you searching for some kind of free subscription to tv shows? Well, you are at the very right place. Today I  am going to tell you the best app that you can install in your android as an apk or run in your pc or iPhone and even in pads. The name of the app is BEETV. Today it is leaving behind many media streaming apps in the industry because of the stunning features of the beetv app.

As there is a very massive increase in the media industry in recent years and different production houses are giving their best tv shows and they provide all this as subscriptions to a user for yearly, monthly and sometimes for seasonal basis. It becomes very annoying and ley man becomes fuzzy at the end.


BeeTV Apk Download for android

Many questions arise in the mind which subscription should I take?Can I get it at some less price? Sometimes if you take the subscription of the particular media house, you also have to watch other shows which you don’t want to but you have to as you have taken the subscription and don’t have any other option.

Here comes BEETV this app gives solutions to every problem I mentioned above.

Features of BEETV:-

  • BeeTv is free to use.
  • Its simple to use.
  • Easily accessible to every user with a variety of device support.
  • Beetv app provides a variety of shows that are from different media houses and that all for free.
  • This app has a very good user interface.
  • Beetv also provides dark mode by default which helps to reduce strain on your eyes.

Many other silent features bring beetv app ahead of all its alternatives. These awesome features make it the first choice for many users as a free movie download app.

Beetv download for android and installation guide:-

Beetv is the app that is designed for android mainly along with many other platforms.

Now in the following part, I am going to help you to download and install beetv apk on Android. But firstly have a look at how beetv works?

It is an online application that needs an internet connection to function firstly. Crawlers on the server-side of the app search the internet 24×7 to find the working links of movies, tv shows and documentaries that are hosted on different websites.This gives users a very rich and less buffering experience. Along with crawlers it also has a community where developers use to put working links of movies and tv shows which are displayed in the beetv app.

All these functions are done by the algorithms in the app to provide the user with all the new releases directly in the beetv dashboard.

Features of beetv for Android:-

Beetv has countless features in android versions of apk. The features get added with every update of beetv. The main features include all the movies that get downloaded on one click and provide very interesting multilingual support in almost every movie either in the audio format in different languages or subtitles in different languages.

Let us check out some silent features of apk for Android:-

  • Very easy to use interface — this is made very easy for a user to find the movie and tv show quickly.
  • Default dark mode to reduce strain on eyes — many of us uses many apps now a days for hours this can strain your eyes and can cause blurred vision and sometimes problem of migraine (headache) but it takes care of everything at least for users using its domain, in its recent update introduced users with by default dark mode  to reduce strain in your eyes.
  • The latest movies and tv shows are available for free —this is the main reason why millions of people chose beetv over other apps.
  • Multi-lingual support to almost all movies and tv shows.
  • Lightweight application—it doesn’t require much space and your ram processing.
  • Online streaming available.

Other features:-

  • Inbuilt video player available with external video player support—on the initiation of an app it gives options to the user to choose from which includes you inbuilt android video players and if any external including one in itself.
  • Download any movies to your phone storage to watch it for later.
  • Mark episode watched feature — this feature is very helpful in marking if you are binge-watching any series and you got any work to do you can bookmark the last episode you wat watched.
  • No registration no Subscription required—this app secures your identity as it doesn’t take any contact details.
  • Very few advertisements—yes surely you have to encounter ads in the app but the frequency is very less as it is giving you everything is free and the revenue it gets from ads is used for maintaining server costs.

  • No phone root required —no harm to your device no warranty violation of device.
  • It doesn’t stream from torrents.
  • Different media houses like Netflix and amazon prime at one place.
  • Movie and tv show trailer available for free.
  • Entire content is available in hd or 1080 p.


Beetv is made for Android phones. So it runs on every android device but with the latest version. Just device should run on Android os.

Mobile Requirements:-

  • Android os .
  • 1 gb ram atleast .
  • Good internet connection.

Finally, people follow the link down below to download the latest version of BEETV APK for Android.

Download beetv apk (latest version)

Steps to install beetv apk for Android:-

  1. Firstly download the apk from the above link.
  2. Now go to settings of your phone SETTINGS>Security and toggle on the option of Unknown Sources.
  3. Now find the downloaded file in your phone by the file explorer app which is inbuilt in your phone.
  4. Click on the apk file. Smash the install button and let it install.

Beetv apk for windows pc/macDownload Beetv apk for iphone

5. Now click open.

Latest beetv apk

Beetv apk latest version download

6. The starting interface appears.


8. Choose the default video player.

9. Choose the language of the app.

10. Enjoy your favorite shows for free now.

How to use Beetv app:

The handling and usability of BEETV APP are very easy. BEETV APP has a very user-friendly interface. By default Discover mode in which user can change to many other options like —Trending, Popular, Top rated, Airing today, action, comedy, crime and documentary and many other categories

There is a search option on the initial screen by which you can find any Tv show, movie, season and even the episode just by its name if you want to watch particularly that Tv show or movie.

The first screen has sidebar option at the upper left corner which on click shows many other categories like—

Editors choice, Tv shows, Movies, Anime, Calander

this gives the user a next-level user experience as it provides a variety of options to choose from.

We can see a list of shows from which one can choose just by clicking on the banner of movies or tv shows.This will redirect you to the next screen where you can see a big posture of the show with a playlist option and green colored watch now button. To watch just click on the “WATCH NOW” button in green color. Next, you will be redirected to the video player you have chosen at the time of initiation of the app.

Errors and their simple fixes:-

Now some errors you can get while using BEETV app for Android or while downloading BEETV apk for Android.

1.App not installed —

This error occurs while installing the app. This error occurs due to less storage space in your android smartphone.

Fix for this error:-

Delete some unused apps and photos from your phone and increase the internal storage and try to reinstall beetv apk.

2. Install from unknown sources not granted –

In some cases, people forget to permit unknown sources to install in the android device setting.

This can also prevent Beetv apk from installing on your phone.

3. Beetv app – no data available

This error is very common with the beetv app. This error occurs either the servers are under maintenance or your internet connection is slow.

Fix for this error –

Wait for some time and relaunch BEETV APP or connect your device to a better and fast internet connection.


Windows is a very popular operating system following android. Many of us use PC more than smartphones as some are students or work in the co-operate sector we use our phones for business purposes only. Many people google free subscriptions for Netflix, amazon prime, etc. Usually but fail and ends up nowhere but now you are the very right place.

Today I am going to tell you how to watch any movie or any tv show of any media house without any subscription and that’s all at spending zero pence.

You just have to install a very famous BEETV APK for android your windows device. Beetv apk is not a software for windows/mac pc. But due to increasing popularity in this platform, a special version will be launched.

Now questions arise

How to install beetv on my pc?

From where will I get BEETV software?

You have to firstly download Beetv apk for android

From the link given below

Download BEETV APK for Android

After downloading apk from the above link follow the steps given below to install beetv in pc.

1. Install first any emulator like bluestacks or nox app player from the below links.


Nox app player

2. After installing the android emulator in the android app in your pc go to the beetv apk file in the pc

3. Click it and open it with bluestacks.

4. It will install the app in the bluestacks.

5. It may take up to 5 minutes.

6.After installing it will launch automatically.

7. Give the required permission.

8. Now enjoy and binge-watch your favorite shows for free.

In the same way, you can install beetv apk in mac pc.

You just have to install the android emulator and beetv apk from the above links and follow the same process as above.

Install /download beetv apk in firestick tv guide—

Many of us want to watch some movies or series in your living room along with your family on your big tv screen along with home theatre. But the same problem occurs now again that we can’t find free for our firestick tv but there is a solution for a small screen i.e. for your android smartphone yes the beetv app.

Guys beetv is a 3rd party application so you will be unable to find it in the Amazon app store. So the question arises what now? How to install beetv in firestick ??

There are two methods to download and install beetv app  in your firestick tv: file explorer

2. Downloader application

Before going with any method please change these settings —

Go to

Settings -> My Fire TV or Device->‘Developer Options->Apps from Unknown Sources turn this on.

Now you are ready to apply any of the above methods.

I am telling you 2.downloader application method first-

  1. Go to the main menu of firestick in search bar do search downloader application.
  2. From the list of downloader application select the application with an orange-colored icon with a downloading arrow.
  3. Now in downloader application after successfully installation launch it and go to the enter URL option on the right side.
  4. Enter the following url->
  5. Now beetv apk will be downloaded in your firestick tv.
  6. A window will pop up whether you want to install beetv on your firestick tv or not, please press install.

There you go now you can watch anything free of cost any to show any movie everything for free on a big screen.

Now another method file explorer method-

1. Now go to the main menu again and in search bar type es file explorer.

2. Download and install es file explorer on your firestick device.

3. Open it and go to the download manager option.

4. Tap on the mew mew button at the bottom.

5. In the pop-up window enter the path of the file as

6. Download and install

7. You too!! You can enjoy your shows for free enjoy!!!

Download beetv apk for iPhone/iPad:-

So apk cannot be installed on the iPhone or iPad of any series or model. iPhones and iPad run on other operating systems called ios.

Also see beetv for iphone

Today I am going to tell you how to download and install beetv on iPhone and iPad

Follow these steps:-

1.first of all you need an app store that can help you to install any other app that is not on your apple store.

The name of such an app store is ” app valley”.

2. You have to trust the profile of the “app valley”.

3. Now launch app valley application on iPhone and search for beetv.

4. Install beetv app from here.

5. Don’t forget to trust the beetv profile.

Ipad also runs on ios operating system. So its good to install beetv as described above on the iPad.Ipad can give you good screen dimensions to watch movies and tv shows as compared to iPhone.

Chromecast beetv –

If you have smart tv in your living room and wanna run the episodes of your favorite show on the big screen and don’t have an internet connection with tv.

You can go for a chrome cast option in the beetv app.

You just have to launch the beetv app.

Now select any show you want to watch on your big smart tv screen

Go to Chromecast mode in your smart tv and set it on.

It will initiate inbuilt wifi of your smart tv.

Come back to the phone now your tv is set for chrome cast.

In phone just click watch now

On the right-hand side of the screen, an icon will appear of Chrome cast click on that icon.

There you go it will automatically connect to your smart tv in the nearby areas.

Install beetv app on your android box or smart tv guide:-

As you all know beetv is not for your smart tv or pc, we have to find a loophole to install it in other devices.

Now in this part, I am gonna tell you about the patch method for your android tv box and smart tv.You need to do is one basic step which we do in almost all devices whether it is a phone laptop or any other kind of dongle etc.

So settings>Installation from Unknown Sources does this first of all.


Step1- Download the beetv apk for Android from here

Download beetv apk file from here

Step2- locate the file in your devices file manager

Step3- now click on it give the required permission and enjoy the full high definition tv shows for free

Step4- don’t forget to delete the apk as this can be detected as junk file by your operating system and can occupy space on the local disk making your device slow.

Alternative to beetv app –

These are the apps that are very similar to the beetv app…

Showbox-Showbox is the very first choice for most people but the problem people are getting is legal suits from the different media houses. All these aside Showbox is better than other movies app in all other aspects as it has been on number one alternative to beetv apk due to its stunning features which makes it app similar to beetv app.

Cinema apk –

Cinema is the app that brings world best movies directly to your small screen for free and you can use it even on the tv sets by its chromecast feature.


As the name suggests it is an alternative to Netflix and you can binge-watch your shows with it for free, without any subscription to Netflix. This is the best alternative to beetv app for watching Netflix.

Titanium tv – 

Earlier there were two apps popular for watching free tv shows terranium and Morpheus tv. After shutting down these many small apps try to rise but none of them succeded. Titanium tv is the advanced version for terranium tv from the same developers, supposedly.

Faq ( frequently asked questions):- beetv apk legal?

Yes, beetv doesn’t host any of the content. It just scraps website links that host movies and websites. So beetv is completely legal.

2. Is the beetv app available on google play store or app store?

No, it is not available on play store as it doesn’t compile with the play store policies.

3. Is it safe to use beetv apkk?

Yes, it’s completely safe as it doesn’t have any kind of threat to the end-user that is you and your device.

4. Can I watch regional tv shows and movies in native languages?

Yes, most of the time if any website hosts the movie or the show than beetv will scrap out for you.

5. Does beetv give subtitle support?

Yes when you watch any movie or show or when you download it you can get the subtitle file with it you just have to check the subtitle option in the settings tab. beetv available for ios?

No, currently it is not available for ios but there is a method that is described here install beetv on iPhone or iPad


YES , IT ALLOWS USER TO DOWNLOAD MOVIES NOT ONLY IN HIGH DEFINITION BUT ALSO IN1080p,720p,480p,360p etc in different pixel densities….

8.can I play media with other apps than beetv?

Yes, of course, you can even beetv gives the option for it at the initiation of the app. app multilingual?

Yes, beetv have multilingual support, you can choose it for the first time when you open the app. there any registration to be done to use beetv?

No not at all you don’t have to register anywhere in this app

11.why does this app show buffering for so long time?

This happens as it crawls many websites to give you the quality content.

Final words

This app is awesome and I have given you a guide to use it on almost every device. If you have any doubt feel free to comment down below. Don’t forget to delete the apk of beetv as this can hamper and can slow down your device. The latest links to apk latest version will be always available on our site so stay tuned.

At last, I will say you should give it a try.

Signing off.