Beetv for iphone- Download for iPhone/iPad – Latest version 100% working

Beetv latest download method for iPhone:

People! people! I can see that you are searching for the app that can provide you unlimited entertainment directly to your iPhones and pads. Stop your search you are at the very right place. I am going to share an app that gives you unlimited entertainment on your ios devices and that also for free of cost no registrations no more signups no credit card or debit card used for trial versions. So the name of the app is BEETV.

Download beetv for iphones /ipads/ios devices

So let me introduce beetv more thoroughly for iPhone.BEETV is an application that can fetch the entertaining stuff from around the world media houses.  Beetv provides a   solution for the very expensive subscriptions of different media houses like Netflix, amazon prime, etc…Every consumer of the media industry around the world is searching always a cheaper way to watch their favorite shows.

Nowadays people are facing the budget problem mainly to get your desired entertainment. Media houses are producing tons of content nowadays and providing people these shows in different packs with different rate cards. So the end-user becomes confused, what to choose? Will my card details be safe with the site of the media house? Then another big problem is if you buy one subscription from any media house then it only produces only some specific shows and movies and provides them in a package to the consumers. Another media house produces series, distribute it to the people but the problem is some user cant buy many subscriptions as in total it will cost very expensive for the end-users.

These many problems and only one solution BEETV.Beetv is originally made for Android and currently, beetv apk is available for almost all android versions as it doesn’t require any special hardware and software support.

Methods to download beetv on iPhone

Install beetv for iphones/ipads/ios

There are mainly two main methods to install beetv

1.with the help of third-party apps

2.with jailbreak of iPhone

Let us move on from the second method then we will go to the first method.

In the 2nd method, you need to do the jailbreak of your iPhone.It is a kind of rooting process of android devices.

This should be done by an expert. As in jailbreaking of iPhone sometimes get stuck on boot i.e soft brick and sometimes you can lose your expensive device forever if it goes in hard brick mode.

But if you are successful in doing jailbreak of iPhone then you are going to enjoy the features that other iPhone users won’t be able to enjoy ever until they also get jailbreak done on their ios devices.

One of the features is downloading and installing third-party apps without any other AppStore.

So its better to get your device jailbreak but there are some consequences that you may face one of them is getting your device warranty nulled by jailbreaking it.

1st method is quite easier and safer than the 2nd.

In this you just have to follow the steps below:-

  1. You need an AppStore  which is hosting beetv app for iPhone
  2. Install ‘app valley’ from the link below

3. Open this link in your browser install app valley application on your iPhone.

4. Install app valley and trust app profile while installing the app this gives the required permission to the app.

5. Now open the app valley app in your iPhone and search bar do search Beetv.

6. Install beetv, as usual, you do from your native AppStore.

7.last step trust beetv app profile while installing this is important to beetv function properly.

Features beetv for iPhone :

Beetv for iPhone comes with many features that usually an android user enjoys for free.


The interface is very easy and adorable.


You will get by default dark mode in the app.

3. Latest movies and tv shows at zero prices.


Subtitle support


Download and online streaming 2 methods available to all users.

Final words:

Entertainment is the right of every being irrespective of your race, language, device you use and at the end, for the audience, it should be for free but artists should also get bread in their houses…